Instagram – May 14th, 2018

A quick update on the six rhino that landed in Chad last week: happily, all is going well! The rhino are still in their boma, a specially adapted enclosure which will help them get used to their brand new surroundings. Experienced rangers are monitoring and protecting them 24/7 and feeding them a diet of Lucerne and branches which is, by all accounts, going down well!
At a time when we can visibly see the impending extinction of these majestic creatures, this is a wonderful initiative that is providing a much-needed safe haven. Thank you, thank you, thank you @africanparksnetwork for your truly fantastic work.
To learn more, head over to @africanparksnetwork for regular updates on the rhino and click on the link in our bio to find out what we do to support organisations and projects like these. 📷 by @johndickens.boz