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Aren’t these figures just amazing?! The hard work and determination of rangers often goes unnoticed, but they are pillars of strength and their contribution to conservation and the protection of wild places is critical. ⁣⁣
@blackbeanproductions are currently on assignment with @biglifeafrica and we’re so looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labour! ⁣⁣
Posted @withregram • @blackbeanproductions @biglifeafrica have patrolled 3084405 km, they have made 3485 successful arrests of people involved in the illegal wildlife trade since 2011, and have seized 4432 weapons since 2011 too.

Their hard work has led to great success – elephant and lion populations that were incredibly low have grown significantly. Wildlife populations are thriving again. All these Maasai Rangers are all from the local community and therefore understand the need for community conservation. They work to ensure conservation supports the people too. There are challenges ahead but this inspirational team gives us so much hope as we know they will overcome them by working together. We look forward to sharing more with you though film, and make a small difference – and through this encourage you to help @biglifeafrica too.

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@biglifeafrica @kimanasanctuary

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