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Samara Private Game Reserve is located in the heartland of South Africa, the semi-arid Karoo, a place of stark beauty and dramatic landscapes.⁣

Two centuries ago, the area was home to one of nature’s most epic migrations, when millions of springbok trekked across the area in pursuit of pastures new. Fences and firepower soon put paid to this impressive spectacle, however, and the wilderness was turned to farmland.⁣

But this changed in 1997 when Samara’s founders bought 11 former livestock farms in the heart of the Karoo and embarked on an ambitious project to recreate what once was.⁣

Since then, 67,000 acres have been painstakingly rewilded and thousands of indigenous animals reintroduced, including the first cheetah, elephant and lion to return in over a century. Today, Samara’s conservation vision extends beyond its borders to the creation of South Africa’s third largest protected area by linking three national parks in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot – in the very same landscape those springbok once roamed.⁣

📸 by @samara_karoo⁣

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