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We are so proud of this incredible team and all the work and effort they have put into @edgeofexistencefilm – and now it’s available on Showmax! Congratulations to all involved 🥂⁣

Posted @withregram • @blackbeanproductions This week our feature-length documentary, @edgeofexistencefilm, officially went live on @showmaxonline. We are proud to know that more people will be part of learning and experiencing this story with us.

Filming the documentary over three years gave us the opportunity to be objective observers of a crisis that is quite multi-layered in its nature. Human-wildlife is an issue we wanted to bring people closer to. We got to experience a global issue holistically, which is essential to building empathy and understanding. Our goal was to provide a balanced and honest perspective to do justice to what we had witnessed first-hand while in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti.

Ultimately, when we consider the bigger picture, working on solutions that help us address the realities on the ground is essential to building resilient and connected communities. We hope to contribute towards a level of coexistence that is truly sustainable for all.

As a team, we had a unified commitment and belief in the importance of the story we were telling. We also got to build relationships with some of the key characters that are featured in the documentary. We hope that the film creates room for open conversations, action and inspiration.

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