Instagram – Nov 21, 2021 @ 14:02

Three weeks ago, @africanparksnetwork successfully translocated an initial group of three African Wild Dogs from Kafue National Park to @liuwaplainnationalpark in Zambia. With aonly around 6,600 individual dogs left on the continent, this translocation, which was conducted in collaboration with Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), contributes to the long-term conservation of Wild Dogs in Zambia and aids in the ongoing restoration of Liuwa Plain.⁣

The three Wild Dogs were carefully captured and transferred via airplane to Liuwa Plain, where they were released into a temporary boma. They are currently still in the boma and will remain here for up to eight weeks to facilitate social bonding and to enable their acclimation.⁣

In the coming weeks, this initial group of females will be supplemented with additional male dogs.⁣

The translocation was made possible thanks to financial support from Bob Kwan, and with technical and logistical support provided by the @zcp_zambia and @the_ewt. Head on over to the @africanparksnetwork profile to read more!⁣

Photos: ⁣
1) ⁣
2) sedated wild dogs on the plane in Kafue⁣
3) vets monitoring wild dogs in Kafue ⁣
4) wild dogs in the boma in Liuwa

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