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Our friends and partners at Samara in South Africa’s great Karoo have an extremely successful cheetah conservation programme. The Samara cheetah population has in fact flourished to such an extent that offspring born on the property have been made available to other conservation areas, from national parks to private reserves.⁣

Crucially, Samara works closely with university departments and conservation bodies to ensure that these highly endangered big cats are given the best chance of survival. Through the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Cheetah Metapopulation Project, Samara periodically swaps individuals with other reserves.This ensures the long-term viability of the species and the genetic and demographic integrity of the South African population.⁣

As a guest at Samara, you are able to get involved in cheetah conservation by tracking and monitoring the individuals on the reserve. Read on for details…⁣ 🐆

Posted @withregram • @samara_karoo Tracking cheetah on foot with our experienced guides and trackers enables Samara guests to better understand the landscape in which these magnificent creatures live – with the added bonus of providing picture-perfect angles for photography. 

All the cheetahs on the reserve are born and live wild. Almost twenty years of conscientious habituation have enabled us to approach many of them on foot within a respectful distance, offering unparalleled viewing as they hunt, sleep, socialise and care for their young.  

Learn more about tracking cheetah on foot at the link in our bio 

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Samara is on a journey to regenerate South Africa’s semi-arid Great Karoo region through rewilding and responsible tourism. A member of @thelongrunorg, Samara has committed to achieving a holistic balance of the ‘4Cs’: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Staying at one of Samara’s lodges acts as a direct contribution to this vision. 

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