Instagram – Oct 25, 2021 @ 15:55

News just in from our partners, Cape Leopard Trust, in South Africa’s Western Cape who were lucky enough to get photographic evidence of a magnificent leopard in the Bainskloof area! Since 2020, the road through Bainskloof has been closed for renovation and upgrades, and there have been more sightings than usual. These photographs were snapped by Raymond Julies and Johan Strydom, who were both working on the road at the time.⁣

Thank you as always to @capeleopardtrust for their work in facilitating and promoting the conservation of biological diversity in the Western Cape, with a focus on the leopard as a flagship species. The leopard is the last member of the Big 5 to still roam free in the Western Cape, but faces multiple threats, including limited and fragmented habitat, reduction in prey numbers and high levels of conflict with people.⁣

The purpose and vision of the Cape Leopard Trust is therefore to ensure the continued survival of leopard populations, help secure their habitat and prey base, and promote their coexistence with humans. If you would like to make a donation to support their work, please click on the link in our bio.⁣

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