Instagram – October 28th, 2018

We are forever privileged and humbled to be working with organisations like @dswt and in awe of the work they do for wildlife conservation and protection across Africa 🙏🏼 Let us all work together to #bethechange and save our endangered species!
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#tbt, 2012: Barsilinga was just two weeks old when his mother was gunned down by poachers. On top of this tragedy, he also had to overcome the terrible teething process (and all the health issues that come with it) upon his rescue. However, this stalwart little bull proved capable of overcoming just about any obstacle that was placed in his path. Today, he’s taking steps towards a wild life in Ithumba — and part of the “rebel group” of boys there who, much like truant teenagers, give the Keepers a lot of grief by sneaking away from the stockades when night falls!
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Photo © David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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