Instagram – October 30th, 2018

Today it was announced that China has reversed a 25-year ban on the rhino horn and tiger bone trade. The debate over whether or not to legalise the trade has polarised opinion for years, with some suggesting that it can be done in a sustainable way whilst others disagree entirely. Whatever your beliefs, today does seem to mark a devastating step back in the fight to save our endangered species and the question we really need to be asking is: what combination of approaches should we adopt to ensure that rhino numbers and populations continue to grow? ❤️ 🦏
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China have reversed a 25 year ban on rhino horn and tiger bone for medicinal use. The reason behind this is as yet unknown, but it marks a terrible step backwards for these highly endangered species, who are struggling to survive as it is. Chinese authorities have stipulated that they must only be from farmed animals; but as this is so hard to verify it merely opens up endless possibilities for black market opportunists.
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