Instagram – October 29th, 2019

Rangers are probably some of the fearless people on the planet. They work tirelessly in Africa’s national parks and reserves in the fight against poaching and wildlife trafficking, as well as in the local communities, helping to educate people on the benefits of conserving the wildlife. And it’s not only men either – there are many incredibly brave women out there too who risk their lives every day in some extremely dangerous places.⁣

Thank you @africanparksnetwork for this little reminder about all the amazing rangers out there! Thank you to you all. ⁣

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Meet the brave women and men who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect Africa’s wildlife and safeguard communities. Often referred to as ‘the boots on the ground’, Rangers often serve as the last line of defence in some of the wildest, remotest and often extremely dangerous environments on the continent. But their profession goes far beyond the protection of wildlife. Their actions ensure that communities living in or around protected areas, often some of the most marginalized people on the planet, benefit from these wild places by bringing jobs, education, healthcare and overall stability to entire regions. African Parks employs the largest counter poaching force for any one NGO on the continent, with over 1,000 rangers strong. Last year alone, our rangers confiscated 59,322 illegal wildlife products, removed 16,863 snares and made 797 arrests. These incredible individuals dedicate their lives to safeguarding the parks under our management, helping us and our government partners build safe havens for wildlife and people alike. 📷 1 & 2) @mia_collis , 3) @kyledenobrega 4) @marcuswestbergphotography #africanparks #rangers #conservation #wildlife #communities #security #stability