Instagram – October 7th, 2018

Back in June, our team had the privilege of helping with a lion collaring exercise in the Somkhanda Game Reserve, South Africa. Collaring sometimes receives negative press, but it’s an important way of determining patterns of movement, lion social structures and their interaction with humans, making it easier for us to protect them in the long run. Significant research and fascinating to witness first hand.
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Don’t worry, this lioness is not injured or dead! We had the unique opportunity of collaring two lionesses and one male lion for conservation purposes during this June’s Empowers Africa/Charity Travel trip to South Africa hosted by Wildlands and Wildlife ACT. Collaring lions helps determine the prides whereabouts thereby mitigating any potential human wildlife conflict. The experienced team made up of Wildlands/WildTrust (@WildlandsSA), Wildlife ACT (@WildlifeACT) and Dr. Mike Toft (@DrMikeToft of Kirafru Wildlife Veternary Services) did a phenomenal job of making sure they were safely collared. The lions are located on @SomkhandaGameReserve – a big 5 community owned reserve operated by Wildands. Thank you to Andrew Venter (@Andrew.Venter), CEO of WILDTRUST, for making our trip such a valuable learning experience! We were also joined by the highly talented @JamesSuter and @Oli_Caldow of @BlackBeanProductions – thank you for taking such great pics and videos of the exceptional conservation work done on this trip! This trip was organized in conjunction with @charity_travel
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