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This interesting article has given us food for thought. We have been eagerly awaiting travel in Africa and for the borders throughout the continent to open in order to start bringing tourism dollars back to the safari and conservation industry – but are you ready to start travelling again? ⁣🌍

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“Africa is opening to visitors. Are travelers open to visiting? ‘Africa has slowly started to reopen its borders, as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania are all welcoming international travelers. Namibia soon will be, too. However, the question remains whether travelers will be confident enough to venture into Africa again.”

While these countries have put in place different initiatives to reassure travelers, a lot of them still have concerns. We’d like to know if you are open to traveling to Africa?
What initiatives would put your mind at ease?

Read more of this article on the link in bio to find out how these countries are implementing this different initiatives.

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