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An interesting read about a complicated situation involving livestock and predators, from our friends and partners @biglifeafrica ⁣

Conservation is not clean-cut, especially in volatile situations. There are personal circumstances, different lifestyles and traditions, and motives to consider. It is incredibly important to work with people who understand the intricacies and can respond appropriately, both for the benefit of the short- and long-term outcome. ⁣

Thank you, as always, to our partners across Africa for all the work you do 🏼⁣

Posted @withregram • @biglifeafrica When a stampede happens, chaos ensues. For everyone involved, it is dangerous. And nothing starts a stampede like the scent of lion. ⁠

A herd of cattle grazing in the bush were recently spooked after they moved downwind of a male lion resting nearby. Within moments, dozens of cattle were on the move, panicked. ⁠

The herders went into defensive mode and sought to find the source of the chaos. When the lion was spotted, the herders assumed that the lions must have attacked one of the cows and set off in pursuit. They threw their spears, and the lion was injured twice, but not before taking a swipe back at the herders. ⁠

The good news? Both injured parties will recover. While it took some time to track the wounded lion, who ran a long way from the scene of the incident, the spears didn’t come near any vital organs and the vet was able to treat him successfully. The two injured herders were also taken to hospital and will recover. ⁠

The bad news is that this incident is a clear violation of the terms of our Predator Compensation Fund agreement with the community. Because the lion thankfully did not die, the stiffer penalties don’t apply, but the warriors involved and the owners of the cow will face fines for the incident. ⁠

Thank you to our supporters for funding our work, and to our partners @lionguardians_ and @kenyawildlifeservice who assisted in this incident.⁠

Photo: @jeremy.goss

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