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Often it’s the silent ones that are the ones to watch… ⁣🦒

Posted @withregram • @blackbeanproductions In the last 3 decades, giraffe populations have plummeted by over 40% with two subspecies listed as critically endangered.

Giraffes are facing a silent extinction.

A recent study at the University of Bristol has revealed that giraffes might be as socially complex as elephants. Previously, giraffes have been rather understudied and little was known about their ecological behaviour.

This research suggests that giraffes display behaviour such as cooperative parenting, which is very similar to that of the behaviours seen in elephants or killer whales. This study is an important step in not only understanding giraffe behaviour, evolution and their role in the ecosystem as a whole but in ensuring giraffes receive the protection they need.

Research like this that helps conservation teams better understand the behaviour and needs of giraffes is critical in the fight to save giraffes.

There is so much we have left to learn about these beautiful animals. Check out our latest stories to learn more about this study and how you can support giraffe conservation!

This beautiful reticulated giraffe was captured by @sam_thegirl on assignment with @sararafoundation

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