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When Sir David Attenborough speaks, we listen. ⁣⁣
His latest documentary, Extinction: The Facts, explores the alarming rate of extinction and how the crisis has consequences for us all. Unbelievably, extinction is now happening 100 times faster than the natural evolutionary rate. When will we as human beings start to take responsibility?⁣⁣
If you are in the U.K., you can watch the documentary by visiting @olpejeta ‘s profile and clicking the link in their bio. If not, please help us in spreading awareness of the issue. We have to start somewhere ️ 🌍 ⁣

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“We are facing a crisis, and one that has consequences for us all,” Sir David Attenborough warns at the beginning of an incredible recent production from the BBC – “Extinction: The Facts.” ⁠

Fatu and Najin, the last two northern white rhinos in the world, were featured alongside James Mwenda, their keeper, who also took care of Sudan until his death in March 2018. In his interview, James shared the challenges faced when working to protect wildlife, and what inspires him to keep going: “Many people think of extinction being this imaginary tale told by conservationists. But I have lived it, I know what it is.” ⁠

The hour-long film offers viewers a harrowing window into what we’ve done to our world, and urges people to demand and bring, change. There’s still time to do something about it, but action needs to be taken right now. We would encourage everyone who hasn’t already seen it to watch on available platforms as soon as possible, and to remember, in the words of Attenborough himself: “What happens next, is up to every one of us.”⁠

Watch this powerful documentary on the link in bio.

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