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Isn’t Mother Nature the most beautiful thing? ️

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Can I help you?!

This sub-adult cheetah is 1 of 6 cubs, all “belonging” to Mama Sita, the Serengeti’s super Mum.

Mama Sita is remarkable, in more ways than one. She originally gave birth to 5 cubs and along the way, adopted a sixth.

Mama Sita bumped into a grown relative — most likely a daughter — of hers with 3 cubs. The two sets of cubs mingled, both the mothers left, with Mama Sita leaving with 6, the other with 2.

The fact that she’s raised 6 cubs to near adulthood is quite incredible, given the threats cheetahs face. Lion and hyena post a constant problem, both of which Mama Sita continues to dodge!

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