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In the depths of Kenya’s drought, the wildlife is suffering. But in amongst the danger and desperation that a water shortage can bring, there are miracle stories of hope and resilience- and of course, hard work for the incredible teams that spend their lives looking after Africa’s iconic wildlife. ⁣

Head over to @sheldricktrust for once such example… ️⁣

Posted @withrepost • @sheldricktrust In the depths of the drought, we found a heroic display of hope. With her own life on the line, a mother elephant remained fiercely devoted to her baby. Shoulder-deep in mud and unable to move, she continued to protect him the only way she could, shielding him with her trunk. Tiny as he was, the calf was equally brave, refusing to leave his mother’s side.

Later today, we will be sharing the remarkable mission to free this little family from their muddy prison — stay tuned. (And don’t worry: This story has a happy ending!)

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