Instagram – September 22nd, 2018

Although we think every day should be rhino day, today actually is the official World Rhino Day 2018! 🦏❤️ The good news is that poaching numbers have decreased over the last year which is certainly cause for celebration of both the majestic animals and of all the committed conservationists who dedicate their lives to looking after them.

But the sad news is that poaching still happens and the shocking statistic is that 3 (sometimes more!) rhino are killed every day for their horns. This is largely due to false information that the horn (made of the same material as human nails believe it or not) has supernatural and healing qualities.

So, what can you do? Share this post, spread awareness, educate others, and if you would like to, make a small donation through the link in our bio. We are committed to working with projects across Africa who make a real difference in creating a brighter future for these incredible animals.