Visit With the Lalela Project

Recently, members of both our Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee visited the Lalela Project on a trip to the Western Cape, South Africa.  The Lalela Project provides education through the arts to children grades 1-12 in a safe space during the vulnerable after-school hours and holiday periods.  The Lalela Project uses the power of the arts to help students navigate a clear path that is often cluttered with the hazards of extreme poverty, including gang violence, HIV/AIDS, and physical and substance abuse. Research has shown that educational arts have been linked to academic achievement, social and emotional development, and civic engagement. Their community-based programs deliver year-round arts education and leadership workshops for at-risk youths ages 6 and up.  Empowers Africa is proud to be a supporter of Lalela Project’s work in the Western Cape.  To learn more about Lalela Project please visit