Visit to the Niassa National Reserve and Wildlife Conservation Society

The Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee of Empowers Africa recently traveled to The Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique.  Niassa is Mozambique’s most important protected area, harboring the country’s largest population of wildlife, including 70% of Mozambique’s elephants (13,000).  The vast Niassa-Selous transboundary woodland of Mozambique and Tanzania once was the home to over 70,000 elephants – the largest population in East Africa and second largest in all of Africa.  However, many believe that more elephants have been killed in this area than any other place in the world.  In October 2012, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mozambique Ministry of Tourism for the co-management of the Niassa Reserve in order to establish a longer-term management of the reserve and protect its wildlife.  Empowers Africa is proud to be a supporter of WCS’s work in the Niassa National Reserve.  To learn more about the Wildlife Conservation Society’s efforts to protect this area, please see the pdf below.  To learn more about WCS please visit their website